July 2018

A considerable amount has been done and spent at Castleton over the last 18 months, It is now far less of a hotel and much more a family home.  It is also unfurnished and ready for new owners.

Firstly, to describe the structural works.  The fireglass that no one mentioned and we certainly never photographed, if we could possibly help it, has been completely removed from around the banister and landing which it enclosed like a tunnel. The dramatic space and light that now floods the gallery is superb.  So is the new royal blue carpet that duly followed once the dust had settled.  The walls are now a clean and delicate soft grey, which in contrast with the polished wood and the blue carpet is turly stunning.

The second major work upstairs was to address the windows, the frames were rotten and most of the sashes broken.  These have now been replaced by the latest casement double glazed Lorimer windows by CR Smith, 20 in all so now all the bedrooms are toasty warm, with energy efficient, easy to clean and very easy to open windows.

Downstairs the renovations extended to the gents toilets which now no longer have urinals on the wall, but the room suggests a very respectable home office or generous storage space.

The Kitchen lost the massive steel ducting and extractor hood that ran the length of the room and covered most of the window, its enormous flue that tracked up the side of the building went too.

The hot tub was removed from the outside decking area but the plumbing and electrical feeds are still there but hidden, should the new owners want to reinstall one.

Two new 500Kw Worcester boilers have been installed to power the central heating which was new in 2011.  The power and pressure in the system is now up to date, efficient, easy to use and very responsive.

Lastly the beautiful handmade wooden bar from what was the main hub of the hotel, was reclaimed by my friend and one time owner of Castleton, Willie Little.  It was removed and installed in his new restaurant a beautiful converted church in Blairgowrie.  It couldn't have found a more appropriate home.

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