Castleton Garden and Grounds

Castleton House is set in a total of 9 acres in the heart of the Vale of Strathmore, a rich fertile valley running north of the famous Tay river from Perth to the Montrose basin.  You can not see the house from the road due to the mature trees that wrap around it, giving shelter and privacy.  If you read the history page here you will find out more about the ancient land it sits on.

The hot tub was installed Spring 2015 and it a very popular addition, it sits to the west of the house so that you can enjoy a dip as the sun sets.  It is on the patio area which also has two large outside dining tables and a cooking area including a Pizza oven and smoker.  Portable BBQs can be brought in and set up easily on the stone table and you will be all set for a party. 

To the front of the house there is an expansive flat lawn ideal for outside games of all kinds.

Dogs are quite safe to run free here.  There is a high wall before the road so they are in no danger of reaching the traffic.

Please feel free to pick the flowers, the moat path through the trees is filled with spring bulbs, the bluebells are particularly lovely.  Also the apples from the orchard are there for you too.  You may even find some fruit on the old raspberry canes and current bushes that were in the old fruit cage.  If you are short of eggs, ask Colin and Karen Hunter who you meet during your stay, their chickens and ducks are prolific layers.

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